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Fashion is seasonal and so is the atmosphere in our studio. Depending on the day, it ranges from the most serene environment to a whirlwind of activity. During the course of regular production, it can be fairly peaceful, with most of our staff focused on their work and listening to their own music with headphones. When we start a new collection, the music is pumping, the creativity is flowing and the energy is palpable. It’s always a fun and dynamic time when everyone is able to try out new techniques and work with new materials and color palettes. It’s part of why our employees have been with us for a long time: it never gets monotonous! Of course, it takes a rare person to do what we do and it takes years to master. When we hire new staff, we don’t necessarily look for someone with jewelry making experience. Our technique is so specific that past jewelry experience can actually work against you. Sometimes people have to “unlearn” what they know when they start working for us. Generally we look for intelligent people with calm and creative demeanors. Our work takes discipline and it’s anything but mechanical or robotic. We have trained a few people with fine sewing knowledge and even a watchmaker! Whatever their background, ultimately we look for a good fit. It’s a very familial environment which we all love.