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Although wire wrapping dates back to ancient Egypt, we started our unique process a little more recently, when Dana was 10 and Elizabeth was 7. A telephone repairman came to their childhood home to do some work, and left behind spools of colorful, coated wire which Dana turned into long necklaces of interlocking links that she gave to friends. Cut to 1990, when Dana was working as an editor for WWD and W Magazine and making jewelry to manage stress. Still gifting her pieces to friends, one of them owned a showroom and encouraged the sisters to consider starting a business. Twenty eight years later, that simple technique has evolved into the intricate, meticulous, mind-numbingly detailed process that we have come to be known for. 

Our pieces often start with a wire form that serves as a blank canvas. Multiple components are “sewn” on in a complex pattern to create unique compositions. Wire can be unforgiving and we use a selection of different gauges, some of which are very fine. One false step and it can be kinked or broken, and then it’s back to square one. This is one of the reasons it takes years to master our particular approach. Despite the somewhat fragile nature of fine-gauge wire, our design and construction ensures that our jewelry is literally built to last. Add to that, the timeless beauty of our pieces along with the allure of handmade, bespoke creations and it’s why our designs are often referred to as keepsakes.